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Jane Clack

I was very happy to receive this very special review (pictured right) from a boy named Seb following a workshop that I ran at his school.  He now wants to be an author! 


Chase that dream Seb and thank you so much for the lovely review!

"A Review by Seb"

Praise for Hilda the Hippo

Sir David Attenborough

TV Presenter

Good luck wishes for the future


Letter from David Attenborough

As part of our “Anti-bullying Week”, we were delighted to welcome Jane back to our school to deliver bespoke lessons to each of our classes. Each session was highly-engaging and made clever and very relevant use of her book, Hilda the Hippo, to address the theme of bullying. She had a real rapport with the children, who thoroughly enjoyed their time with her.

Thank you, Jane, for a great day. 

Pete Jelf

Year 4 Teacher, Marton Cum Grafton Primary School

Good luck wishes for the future

Thank you!


A huge thank you to my friend, Liz Foster, for taking my books out to the Fayef International School in Ghana.  The school is run by a charity called  The pictures show children in their Literacy hour reading 'Lonesome Lawrie - Into the Unknown.'  They are also of older children reading 'Oscar the Osprey' to some of the younger children.  This is especially poignant for me because I actually lived in Ghana myself when I was a tiny tot!


Gervase Phinn


Praise for Oscar the Osprey


“It is a delightful little story, original and with wonderfully-colourful

illustrations; a lively tale which will appeal to young children” 

Alan Gibbons

Award-winning Children's Author

Praise for Lonesome Lawrie: Into the Unknown


"If you are looking for a classic quest, full of invention and craziness, weird worlds and lively

language, Jane Clack's 'Lonesome Lawrie' is the one for you. It starts with a creature with more

than one stomach stirring in a curious landscape! There are accompanying educational notes.

Read on."

Alan Gibbons

Award-winning Children's Author

Praise for Lonesome Lawrie: A Strange New World


In 'Lonesome Lawrie - A Strange New World' we have a new quest, more linguistic invention and word play, in other words, more of the same mix that will have engaged readers in Jane's first book.  Stir in Lucy Spence's eye-catching illustrations and you have the ingredients for another completely weird, wacky and enjoyable adventure for kids.

Andy Seed

Award-winning Children's Author

Praise for Parp and Trump of Windy Bottom

If you like funny names, silly happenings, wacky characters and puppies that make rude noises then this is the book for you.'  


Ryan Jacobs

Deputy Head Teacher at Helmsley CP School

Praise for Workshop Sessions


"Jane's Literacy workshop was lively, interactive, fun and informative!

She went away leaving us with lots of exciting and relevant teaching activities.

We look forward to inviting her back again when her new book is released."

Delyth Linacre

Head Teacher at Easterside Academy, Middlesborough

Praise for Workshop Sessions


"Thank you so much for coming into our school today!  The kids and staff have absolutely loved it and it has helped make our reading week very special and memorable for everyone."

Christine Thomas

Deputy Head Teacher at Easterside Academy, Middlesborough

Praise for Workshop Sessions


"It was a great success today - thank you so much ... Great feedback from staff and children throughout the school - pitch was perfect!"

Karen Edmenson

Head Teacher at Hemlington Hall Academy

Praise for Workshop Sessions


"As a former teacher, Jane was extremely focussed on working with the teachers to meet the needs of the children within the curriculum. This was cleverly woven into her books, which proved very successful for the children. The quality of the work they produced was excellent, particularly with the Y6 cohort. I hope to welcome Jane back next school year!"

Press Release - Cundall Manor School

Praise for Workshop Sessions

Children’s author inspires pupils

A leading local children’s author visited Cundall Manor School this week to talk about writing and her latest books.

Ryan Jacobs

Jane Clack, from Thirsk, delivered a series of masterclasses to over 80 pupils from Years 3 – 6 as she discussed how she creates her popular children’s books.

Excited children gathered around Mrs Clack as she entertained pupils with stories about where she developed her love of writing and the inspiration behind many of her stories.

Mrs Clack said: “I always wanted to be an author. Ever since I was a child I was a bookworm. My grandfather used to tell me stories while I was sat on his knee and my love of story-telling started from then.”

Jane pictured here with happy customers!

She added: “The workshops are a great way to do what I really love; writing and sharing it with children.”

Jane Clack, who splits her time between, North Yorkshire, Florida and Europe, told the children about how she was inspired by the story of a solitary Pinta Island Tortoise discovered in the Galapagos. 'Lonesome Lawrie - Into the Unknown' is a story about an unusual creature who lives in an equally bizarre land with problem which he needs to resolve as he sets out on dangerous quest.

Head of Forms 1-4, Stuart Bayne said: “The children loved hearing about all the characters that make up the wonderful stories Jane tells.”

“They had a great day and learned a lot about how to unleash their creative talents. I am sure we will have lots of wonderful stories from our pupils who have been inspired by today’s visit.”

Cundall Manor School was recently shortlisted for the Independent Schools Association Award for Innovation and Excellence in Provision across the junior school.

To find out more about Cundall Manor School or to book a tour, call 01423 360 200 or email

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