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Jane Clack

Oscar the Osprey

My inspiration for Oscar came when I was on holiday in Florida. The area is teeming with wildlife, which contrasts vividly with the equally wonderful wildlife here in Britain. While I was there, I was constantly woken up by the plaintive cries of a young osprey chick. 


Oscar the Osprey is a picture book, which can either be read aloud to a younger child or read independently by an older reader. Irrelevant of age, all children will enjoy the illustrations, rhyme, meter and repetition.


Whilst narrating a good story, this book can also be used as a teaching resource, as it includes a facts page and multi-curricular discussion points.

Lonesome Lawrie - Into the Unknown

I was inspired to write 'Lonesome Lawrie - Into the Unknown' after I'd been teaching a particularly inventive class of primary school children about writing fantasy stories. This coincided with me watching an incredible and poignant documentary narrated by Sir David Attenborough.

Lonesome Lawrie is an unusual creature who lives in an equally bizarre land. Poor Lawrie has a tricky problem which he needs to resolve. To do this, he must set out on a difficult and dangerous quest. But in search of what?

If you are a teacher, parent, grandparent, relation or are wanting to buy a book for a friend's child, you will find the comprehensive educational section at the back highly relevant and useful.

"If you are looking for a classic quest, full of invention and craziness, weird worlds and lively language ..." this "is the one for you." Alan Gibbons, Award Winning Children's Author.

Lonesome Lawrie - A Strange New World

In this sequel to 'Lonesome Lawrie - Into the Unknown,' our intrepid hero must once again embark on a perilous mission which takes him to a strange new world, culminating in a confrontation with perhaps his most terrifying antagonist of all!  But who must he rescue?  And why?


Once again, this book incorporates a useful educational section.


Here "we have a new quest, more linguistic invention and word play ... the ingredients for another completely weird, wacky and enjoyable adventure for kids." Alan Gibbons - Award Winning Children's Author

Hilda the Hippo, Who Didn't Like Being Different

Hilda the Hippo is sad because she feels different to the others.  Her friends all tell her that they love her just the way she is.


This is a light-hearted, amusing story for young children which also carries a very serious message.  "It's okay to

be you.  True friends love you just the way you are!"

The Discombobulator

The Discombobulator is the ultimate prankster!  His naughty spells leave all the creatures that he meets strangely transformed and utterly confused.  Is there anyone who is clever enough to stop him and teach him a lesson? This is a funny and beautifully-illustrated story for young children, which also carries a simple but important message: treat others the way you yourself would like to be treated.

Screenshot 2019-04-23 15.23.54.png

If At First...

if at cover.png

Far away ... a baby giraffe takes his first steps, a swallow learns to fly, a tiny turtle struggles to reach the ocean, an orangutan learns to climb, a salmon sets off on a long and difficult journey and an osprey tries to catch his first fish.  They all struggle to overcome the obstacles that are in their way and to find success.


This is a beautifully illustrated book for young children (and adults) which carries a message about the values of determination, perseverance and optimism.  It helps them to think about positive growth mindset and, in particular, to understand that failure is a necessary part of success.  “If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again!”


Parp & Trump of Windy Bottom

Mr and Mrs Bogbrush become the proud owners of a fine litter of puppies and they

are overjoyed. However, their happiness is marred when a terrible smell appears in

the kitchen. Even the plumber, Mr Blowovski, is unable to detect the source of the

problem. When the Bogbrushes discover that two of the puppies are the culprits,

they are dismayed! It seems that even the vet, Mrs Melly, is unable to find a cure.

Will they ever be able to resolve the weighty problem of finding suitable homes for them? 

The Grumpy Giant Who Lived on the Hill

grumpy giant.png

This beautifully illustrated picture book tells the story of a bad-tempered giant who everyone is afraid of... until, one day, a little lost dog comes along...


This delightful story has a beautiful ending that encourages the young reader to think about how they judge others. Easy to read, with enchanting illustrations, it will appeal to emerging readers. It is also a brilliant book for adults to read to young children, as a springboard for discussion.  I’m sure many people will know someone, like the giant,  in their lives. I would highly recommend this wonderful book.

Screenshot 2023-11-01 at 15.21.32.png

Smurgle the Windy Dragon

When a witch casts a spell on Smurgle it causes a craving for cabbages and peas.  This strange diet makes him very windy and unhappy until a kindly wizard comes along.

Will the wizard’s advice help Smurgle to resolve his embarrassing problem?


‘The book was funny, rude and naughty

but it taught me how to eat the right things.’

George. Age 7

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