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Have you remembered to purchase your print books which accompany the Audiobook?


The School will need to purchase a licence in order to broadcast this Audiobook File to an Audience.


This Licence permits the school to:-


  • Broadcast the Audiobook File any number of times to an Audience for a Licence Period in any classroom of the School
  • Copy the Audiobook File onto one device or onto the School network only


This Licence does not permit the School to:-


  • Share, resell or otherwise pass on the Audiobook File to other people or schools
  • Broadcast or utilise the Audiobook File after the expiry of the Licence Period


For the avoidance of doubt all rights of Intellectual Property, Exclusivity and Secure Digital Rights remain with the Author.


At the end of the Licence Period the Audiobook File must be deleted from all devices or a new Licence purchased.


Shipping: Your Licence for Educational Purposes will be shipped out by post and will be dated from the date of purchase. You are permitted to use the Audiobook in classroom environments from the date or purchase, even if you have not yet received your physical copy, so long as you adhere to the terms listed above.

Educational Licence: Hilda the Hippo Who Didn't Like Being Different

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