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Smart books for smart children

About Jane Clack

I've always loved children's books and, growing up, I was constantly surrounded by them. Even as an adult, I was lucky enough to enjoy all the latest releases from some of my favourite authors and share them
with my pupils. 
It's always been my ambition to write myself but life always seemed to get in the way. I'm so excited to finally fulfil my aspirations and see what I have committed on paper become the finished article.
I hope that my books will bring as much joy, magic and inspiration to this generation of children as the works of authors from my childhood did for me.

Not only are my books fun to read and charmingly illustrated, but the educational sections also make them invaluable as teaching resources for teachers and parents.  They have been used widely in schools and are an ideal resource for home schooling.
Why not contact me to find out about my tailored kids’ educational workshops for schools?


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